Research Grants

The following is a summary of my research grants since joining McMaster University. Please contact me if you would like more information regarding these grants.

“Supply Chain Disintegration: Understanding the Dissolution of Supply Chain Social Capital”, SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2013-2015, ($65,521), Role: Co-Applicant with Dr. Ahmed Doha, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University as PI.

“Customized Decision Support for Older Adults in eCommerce Environments”, NSERC Research Grant, 2013-2018, ($125,000), Role: PI.

“Understanding Use and Continuance Intention to Use High Maintenance Information Systems: The Role of Perceived Maintenance Effort”, SSHRC Insight Research Grant, 2012-2017, ($152,608), Role: PI, with Milena Head as a Co-applicant.

“Understanding Techno stress Due to Wireless Distractions”, McMaster University Arts Research Board Grant, 2011-2012, ($6,230), Role: PI.

“Understanding Continuance Intention to use High Maintenance Information Systems ”, McMaster Incentive Grant, 2011, ($5,000), Role: PI.

Interactive Decision Support and Adaptive Web Interfaces for Enhancing the Online Experience of Older Adults”, NSERC Research Grant, 2011-2012, ($14,000), Role: PI.

“Canadians’ Adoption and Use of Personal Health Record Systems”, McMaster Incentive Grant, 2009, ($5,000), Role: PI.

“Designing Usable Web and Mobile Interfaces for Older Adults”, SSHRC Research Grant, 2008-2011, ($105,124), Role: PI, with Milena Head as a Co-applicant.

RFID-based Wireless Networks for Ubiquitous Real-time Object Tracking”, Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund (ORDCF) Research Grant, 2006-2007, ($76,000) Role: Co-PI with Dr. Rafael Kleiman.

Management Approaches to Combating ID Theft”, ORDCF Research Grant, 2006-2007, ($259,232) Role: Co-investigator on this group project, PI: Dr. Y. Yuan.

Human-Centric Investment Decision Support Systems”, NSERC Research Grant, 2005-2010, ($65,000), Role: PI.

Towards a Human Centric Investment Decision Support System”,  McMaster University Arts Research Board Grant, 2004, ($3,693), Role: PI.

Assessing the Impact of the Internet on the Overall Health Care Experience of Canadians”, McMaster University Arts Research Board Grant, 2003, ($5,458), Role: PI.

Usability Lab for e-Business Research”, NSERC Equipment Grant, 2003, ($38,219), Role: Co-applicant on this group project, PI: Dr. Y. Yuan, McMaster University.

Globalization of Personal Data”, SSHRC INE Collaborative Research Initiative grant, 2003-2006, ($1.9 million) Role: Collaborator on this group project, PI: Dr. David Lyon, Queen’s University, .

Wireless Privacy: Threats and Solutions for Canadian Consumers”, McMaster University Arts Research Board Grant, 2002, ($6,050), Role: PI on this group project with Dr. M. Head.

Image-Enabled Data Mining with Applications to e-Commerce”, NSERC Research Grant, 2001-2005, ($48,000), Role: PI.

Understanding Mobile Commerce: A Consumer Centric Approach”,  Start up Research Grant, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, 2000-2003. ($15,000), Role: PI.